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BMW Z4 Coupe Concept
Thursday, 01 June 2006
A world premiere of full emotion shows BMW on the international motor show in Frankfurt: The concept study BMW Z4 Coupé embodies like no other exhibit the slogan of the world largest automobile fair: Fascination car. The mark sets thereby stylistic, conceptionally and technically new trends. With its outstanding performance the study embodies the classical values of the mark BMW. And considering the constantly growing market for character-strong Premium sports cars the decision lies to go with a so emotional two-seat Sportcoupé in series on the hand.

Performance of a sports car. The stressed long hood, the carried back "Greenhouse" and the short overhangs visualize impressively classical BMW's of attributes in front and in the back: Under the hood along more insert row-six cylinder and transfers its strength for highest driving dynamics works to the rear axle. In connection with the long wheel base and far in the back a noticed emphasis the Coupé obtains already while stationary the impression, inexorably forward to urge. The concept study of new 3.0 the litre row six cylinder engine with 195 kW/265 HP and a maximum torque of 315 Nm is propelled. The Sprint might last from 0 to 100 km/h only approximately 5.7 seconds and the propulsion only with a maximum speed beyond 250-km/h-Grenze valid for BMW series vehicles end. Equipped with most modern chassis monitoring systems, which leaves itself to electrical power steering (EPS) as well as a high speed brake assembly the strength optimally to begin and control surely. The extreme Karosserie¬steifigkeit made possible completed driving dynamics and offers at the same time a Crash safety above average high for sports cars. Contrasts instead of compromises: Dynamics also in the Design. With compromiseless sporty and achievement-oriented technology the Z4 Coupé of the driving dynamics uses up itself. Just as compromiseless the designers converted his appearance into optical dynamics. Contrasts provide for tension, and tension provides for dynamics in the Design. The fascinating aesthetics of the presented concept study builds on the expressive Stylistic idiom of the BMW Z4 of roadsters up. The interrelation of concave and convex surfaces, which meet in salient lines, already lends not only a completely independent character, but also visible dynamics to the body while stationary. A flowing roof line characterizes the BMW Z4 Coupé as classical Coupé with an emphasis shifted optically on the rear axle. Also the recess in the roof center strengthens the sporty development of this classical Coupés. The combination of these elements leads to forward-arranged dynamics. It appears flat, fast and at the same time elegant. The vitreous part of the passenger space - the "Greenhouse in such a way specified" - flows with a strong introduction into the tail. Thus the rear wheel arches are optically stressed and to appear strong and muscles. The spoiler formed out in the rear flap ensures optimal aerodynamics conditions; the third brake light is integrated underneath the spoiler into the rear flap. Spoilers and light stress additionally the width of the tail. The joint of the rear flap runs decent along the rear side windows and changes then into the parapet wall line. Thus the sporty window diagram of the rear side windows with the characteristic yard master break remains visible also with opened rear flap. Under the rear flap the Z4 Coupé offers a baggage compartment volume considerable for sports cars. The external finish in "Glacier Silver", developed exclusively for the study, lends the silk-matte gloss of a sculpture from solid aluminum to the Coupé. Three-dimensional working and in the contrast to the external lacquer darkly setting off 19 tariff aluminum rims underline themselves the concentrated, strong general impression. They are exclusively manufactured for this casting technology. Dynamics for the senses: the Interior. With much love for the detail the designers from the range created "Color and Trim" a singular, custom-made Interior for the BMW Z4 Coupé. Ultramodern materials in first-class quality were interconnected exclusively for this concept study and provided as unique for this concept study. The noble Interior points thereby far into the future of the potential possible Interior designs. As in the Exterior contrasts provide instead of compromises for dynamics and tension also in the Interior of the concept study. The material and color design connect the technical and sporty Exterior character of the study with soft and harmonious elements in the Interior and create so an area of the peace. Matt and to gloss with one another contrast in the numerous substantial Aluminum elements and let the technology of the vehicle visibly into the interior be enough. At the same time soft leather qualities in warm brown tones security radiate inside the driving machine. Technical-coldly and warm - here that is not a contrast, but a harmonious connection. Brightens and darkens surfaces leads an interesting interrelation. Black and colored surfaces define function levels from each other. The driver experiences the black surfaces on height of the parapet wall line as clear demarcation to the Exterior, which arranges security at the same time for him. The contrasts and the brightness of the interior signal openness and size. A space impression, which the instrument panel as well as the decoration surfaces strengthen. Gloss and flash reflect tradition and modern trend. Seidiges gloss leathers and classical-timeless Flechtleder stand working Nubukleder in the contrast for too samtig. The aluminum Pedalerie and the floor space are provided with depositors from durable kernleder. The high-quality material combinations appear also in the organization of the baggage compartment and the luggage items integrated therein. Aluminum becomes the visual and haptischen experience. The Interior is coined/shaped beside leathers of polished and brushed aluminum parts, which work by their subtle matte/gloss contrast sculptureful and technically. The three-dimensional rings around the round instruments, the steering wheel spokes, the openers for doors and shelves and the screens at the door tightening grasp, the trick plates for the air conditioning system, the Pedal area as well as the baggage compartment are milled from only one aluminum block. These solid aluminum parts are not only visual, but also enhance an experience. Concept Car with good market chances. Consistently to the sportily ambition driver and cut to active driving the BMWS concept study Z4 Coupé place the passenger direct proximity for the road and pure driving joy. At the same time highly developed technologies in drive, chassis and driving safety fulfill also technically the special requirement of the Coupé customer. And for a sporty two-seater it offers at the same time sufficiently and that measure of comfort and comfort to place, without which also the enthusiastic sports car fan would not like to do today any longer.

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