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New BMW 3er Coupe
Friday, 07 July 2006
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New BMW 3er Coupe
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A typical BMW. A completely special BMW 3er. A singular motor car. That is the new BMW 3er Coupé. With the two-door BMW settles a long tradition away and at the same time completely new accents in an interesting segment. Already for the third time the BMW 3er row is supplemented after sedan and Touring now around a coupé-model. But the new BMW 3er Coupé presents itself as independently as never first. Its individual character is to be recognized at first sight by the sportily stretched alignment body arranged again in the detail. And also under the hood the new Coupé offers something singular: The 3.0 liters row six cylinder engine with twin turbo loading, High Precision Injection and full aluminum crank cases celebrates there its premiere. 225 KW/306 HP strong high-power engine help the BMW 335i Coupé to outstanding driving dynamics and impresses nevertheless with favorable values consumed. For the introduction on the market two further petrol engines as well as two Diesel drives for the BMW 3er Coupé are offered. Rear-wheel drive, weight optimization, a harmonious axle load distribution and the most fastidious chassis of the segment are further guarantors for a fascinating driving experience. Beyond that Coupé for the first time also the intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive is available for the BMW 3er.


More than ever the BMW 3er Coupé meets the desire for individuality and driving pleasure. The two-door lifts itself optically very noticeably from the sedan and Touring models of the BMW 3er row off and not only beyond the B-column, but also at the vehicle front as well as in the interior. In addition it offers an agility and a driving dynamics singular in its segment. The new BMW 3er Coupé provokes with its handiness and - not only with the Top model - convincing the power ratings for active driving. The new Coupé connects its sporty character with a styleful exterior. In many elements the Design works extremely strong, the overall view radiates nevertheless high-quality elegance. Individual Design of power domes up to the tail conclusion. The optical impression, which obtain a Coupé, is determined particularly by its side view. With the new BMW 3er coin/shape Coupé a short front overhang, a long wheel base, a passenger space carried back far, strongly bent A columns, low window areas and a process of the roof line the silhouette gently prominent up to the tail conclusion. BMW

Voluminous pronounced wheel arches lend a strong expression to the Coupé. The process of shoulder, a character and door sill line underlines the stretched dynamics. Just as the shoulder line draws itself also the character line, which runs from the top margin of the front wheel arch over the door handle away to the rear, in the tail of the vehicle inside. The door sill line, which stretches itself as light reflecting element from the side, rises to the rear and both in the front and in the tail apron is continued.

With the curvature of the areas and the interaction of the lines the designers created a side view, in which the dynamic characteristics Coupés reflect themselves. Thus for instance the character line over the rear wheel arch becomes both outward and upward strained. This three-dimensional effect directs the view of the environment of the rear axle, that range, within which also with the BMW 3er Coupé engine performance in driving dynamics is converted. Beyond that a character and door sill line form an ellipse bent forward. Also with this, stressed in which three-quarter tail opinion particularly well recognizable diagram the forward urge of the vehicle.


Bi-Xenon headlight.

Front apron, headlight units and hood outline for the BMW 3er Coupé were sketched likewise again and independently. The frontal view appears flat and broad, with which the sporty development of the vehicle is underlined. The lines of the power dome, which curves over the drive unit, lead from the A columns up to the exteriors of the BMW kidney. The flat double round headlights are easily towered above by the hood and begun to cut thus optically. Thus the impression of a self-confidently concentrated view develops. The new BMW 3er Coupé is serial equipped with Bi-xenon-headlights, whose rings for the employment was conceived as day headlight. The salient light guidance rings obtain a double effect: The Coupé is at any time good to recognize and besides at first attempt as BMW identify.

Also the LED-fed light guidance staffs of the rear lights lend an unmistakable expression to the new BMW 3er Coupé. Concisely in the tail and into the side integrated shining units are split and are enough into the trunk lid inside. The total tail opinion appears flat and broad. It is coined/shaped by horizontal running lines. In this way the broad trace and sporty seeming of the vehicle are stressed also from this point of view.

To the self-sufficiency of the coupé-Design also individual detail solutions contributes. Thus the outline of the wing mirrors, which were sketched particularly for the Coupé, takes up the alignment of the side view. And also for the organization of the side window limits, at the same time however a singular form typical for BMW was found. The yard master break, pulls itself in in a noticeable angle forward into the shoulder line. In order to make this alignment possible, the chrome strap of the side window verge is manufactured for the first time in a fitting - a further characteristic for the high priority Coupés.

Stretched dynamics also in the interior.

The impression of dynamics and exclusivity, which obtain the new BMW 3er Coupé with its body Design, continues in the interior. Strong outlines and flowing lines, at which convex and concave forms meet one on the other, are also there. The Coupé conceived as four seaters loads for brisk travel in a high-quality environment in. Similarly to the center console also the two rear single seats are separated from a shelf.

Horizontal lines at the armature holder and at the cowls underline the generous space offer. The instrument panel is course-bent in the upper range the operator. The armrest of the cowl is led in a continuous momentum from the instrument panel to the backrests of the rear seats. To round off the exclusive ambience with the light edges for the door interior and cowls, available as option, leaves itself. The upward shielded light straps dip the surrounding field into a warm, indirect light. All frequently affected control elements such as door openers and shift levers are particularly high-quality metallically improved. For individualizing the interior exclusive color balances stand for the upholstery, the roof sky and the interior trim to the selection.


Row six cylinder engines for efficient dynamics.

For the new BMW 3er Coupé three petrol engines and two Diesel drives stand to the selection for introduction on the market. With along installed row six cylinder engines, whose strength will transfer to the rear wheels, BMW settles in front on a proven and steeped in tradition propulsion principle. Much area for spectacular innovations nevertheless is under the hood.

Thus Coupé is used for the first time the 3.0 liter row six cylinder engine with twin turbo, High Precision Injection and full aluminum crank case in the new BMW 3er. Be based on the successful six cylinder suction engine, at the same time it however a new era in the engine development introduces 225 KW/306 HP strong power unit. BMW connects the typical six cylinder qualities with the work-promoting effect of two turbochargers and with a fuel direct injection of the second generation, which provides for the first time also in the driving experience for noticeable consumption advantages. The result of this combination is efficient dynamics in a particularly fascinating form. The engine of the BMW 335i Coupé achieves already at 1300 RPM a maximum torque of 400 NM. It makes its achievement available noticeably more spontaneously than loaded engines of conventional kind, afterwards turns it sovereign and cultivates to 7,000 RPM highly. Accordingly impressively the driving experience precipitates: The BMW 335i Coupé completes the acceleration of zero on 100 km/h in only 5.5 seconds. With 250 km/h by means of electronic a limit is settled to its forward urge.

Despite its impressive dynamics the new point power/transmission system in the row six cylinder program can convince also with high economy. 9.5 liters premium fuel 100 of kilometers each are sufficient for the BMW 335i Coupé during the consumption measurement in accordance with European Union standard. This efficiency is to be owed on the one hand to the low weight of the drive unit. The six cylinder with twin turbo-loading weighs approximately 70 kilograms less than an eight-cylinder engine comparable in the achievement. On the other hand it is the High Precision Injection, which make a so far unequalled economical handling possible the fuel. New Piezo injectors, which are central between the valves in the cylinder head arranged, provide in each situation for a uniform and accurately proportioned fuel injection. In this way an efficiency is obtained, which settles also in everyday life traffic in favorable values consumed.

Optimized weight, increased achievement.

A relationship between achievement, weight and fuel consumption, optimized again, also the two six cylinder suction engines can offer, which are offered for the introduction on the market for the new BMW 3er Coupé. The drive unit of the BMW 330i Coupé brings it now on 200 KW/272 HP and a maximum torque of 315 NM. Thus the acceleration on speed 100 can be completed within 6.1 seconds and the maximum speed ends, electronically limited, only with 250 km/h. With the impressive road performances and the high run culture a new optimum for efficiency associates to 3,0 with the liter suction engine. With an average consumption of 8,8 liters in the European Union test cycle the new BMW 330i Coupé undercuts the predecessor model around approximately 12 per cent.

The employment of magnesium as material for crank cases, bedplate and cylinder-head cover leads just like the use of lightweight construction camshafts to a substantial reduction of the weight. Additional efficiency advantages are obtained beyond that among other things with the full-variable valve gear VALVETRONIC. Both measures benefit also that 2.5 liter row six cylinder engine. With 160 KW/218 HP and a maximum torque of 250 NM this propulsion help the BMW 325i Coupé too likewise most sovereigns road performances. 6.9 seconds are sufficient for the acceleration on 100 km/h. The maximum speed is only reached with 247 km/h. As voucher for highest efficiency also in this performance class the average consumption serves according to European Union standard of 8,4 liters per 100 of kilometers.


Diesel engines in the Coupé - more attractive than ever.

As delightful alternative Coupé also the employment of a diesel engine proves with the new BMW 3er. Finally two unusually attractive power/transmissions system of this kind come to the course in the BMW 335d Coupé and in the BMW 330d Coupé: strong, economically and serial equipped with a particle filter. Superlatives thereby above all the BMW 335d Coupé can offer. The sportiest six cylinder diesel engine of the world help it to a force development singular in this vehicle segment. 210 KW out/286 HP carries the 3.0 liters large row six cylinder diesel engine with variable twin turbo. Its maximum torque amounts to 580 NM. This outstanding value is available already at 1750 RPM, which maximum output reached with 4,400 RPM, beyond that winds up the engine up to the value of 5,000 RPM.

Those long continuously pressureful achievement development leads to according to dynamic acceleration values. From the conditions the BMW 335d Coupé reaches the 100-km/h-Marke after only 6.1 seconds, its maximum speed on 250 km/h is electronically limited. Restraint practices the strongest six cylinder Diesel in the program of BMW nevertheless with consumption. In the European Union test cycle it is content with 7,5 liters of Diesel per 100 of kilometers. Thus also this engine shows, how attractively the principle of the efficient dynamics in driving can affect itself. To owe this is on the one hand the stage loading in such a way specified, with which at low numbers of revolutions first smaller and afterwards additionally large turbochargers active becomes already, as well as on the other hand the COMM on Rail injection system of the third generation, which with Piezo injectors for a fast and finely proportioned mixture preparation provides. The propulsion for the BMW 335d Coupé is beyond that first full aluminum diesel engine of its performance class. Its weight reduced to 208 kilograms comes to meet both the agility of the vehicle and its economy.

With 170 KW/231 HP also the second variant of the large row six cylinder Diesel a proficiency level, which very probably corresponds to a sporty two-door, offers 3.0 liters. Its maximum torque of 500 NM promises likewise a form of the achievement development, which is as created for dynamic progressive movement. The value of 6.6 seconds for the acceleration of zero on 100 km/h confirms the sporty character of this diesel engine just as impressively as the maximum speed limited on 250 km/h. With a new turbocharger and an Common Rail injection of the recent generation the engine in the BMW 330d Coupé achieves in addition also in the area of economy new dimensions. The average consumption in the European Union test cycle is limited to 6,5 liters of Diesel per 100 of kilometers.

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