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New BMW 3er Coupe
Friday, 07 July 2006
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New BMW 3er Coupe
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Sporty drivers have the choice: Manual gearbox or automatic.

Alternatively to the serial six-gear hand manual gearbox Coupé also a particularly fast-reacting mechanism can be ordered for the new BMW 3er. The again-developed six-gear automatic transmission, which belongs in the BMW 335d Coupé to the standard, made possible owing to particularly effective hydraulics, a new converter and an extremely efficient control system software an unusually fast and precise conversion of all acceleration desires. The change of the drive position carries out itself according to a response time of only 100 milliseconds. Thereby it unimportant whether only around one or around several drive positions must be shifted back. With its precise gear selection the new mechanism supports however also an consumption-optimized efficient operation with constant speed. Beyond that also the possibility is ordered to the operator to affect the gear selection personally. Switching jacks at the steering wheel make the manual drive position choice a sporty experience.


Modern chassis technology provides for maximum precision.

Not less fascinatingly than the force development Coupé the transmission of engine performance carries out itself on the road with the new BMW 3er. The standard propulsion provides in each speed range for maximum agility, keeping in track regret and safe handling. With one to a large extent from aluminum as well as a five-steering wheel axle in the back the new BMW 3er Coupé has manufactured double joint hinged tie bar axle with front suspension struts the at present most modern wheel suspension of its class. The low vehicle emphasis, the balanced axle load distribution and a special shock absorber tuning help the two-door to impressive driving dynamic qualities.

Highest precision and accurate feedbacks over the road condition obtain the steering rack with hydraulic servo support. Owing to the power transmission to the rear wheels it acts freely from propulsion influences. Optionally one is particularly available on the BMW 3er Coupé coordinated active steering unit. Dependant on the guidance angle and the travel speed it varies the guidance moment. Depending upon situation the operator at low strength and guidance expenditure, in addition, hold with high speed can maneuver precisely the course.

The BMW 3er Coupé is serial equipped with a high speed brake assembly. Their particularly large brake disks make the use of 17 tariff wheels necessary. Strong deceleration, high stability and low wear distinguish the brake system. As world-wide first a manufacturer BMW equips its models with a continuous wear announcement, which gives permanently information over the condition of the brake liners.

DSC with extended functions for safety and dynamics.

The effectiveness of the brake assembly is supported by the innovative functions of the chassis monitoring system DSC (dynamic stability control). The DSC of the recent generation takes over not only the ABS brake regulation and the stability fuse with adhesion lacking by brake interference, but compensated also any leaving the deceleration effect at extremely high brake temperatures. Beyond that regular pumping dry guarantees the optimal force of deceleration with wetness. With the sitting of the linings in appropriate situations the brake readiness is increased. With particularly strong deceleration need maximizes the Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) the brake pressure. The Cornering Brake Control (CBC) works against when easy braking in curves of the unwanted pivoting inclination of the vehicle. In connection with the active steering unit the DSC can beyond that quick precise guidance interference with and also on roadways with different friction values for additional stability provide.

On fastened underground integrated stability control of ASC provides for an optimized traction. With the function DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) the response thresholds for the brake interference of the DSC can be raised. So the vehicle can take up trip for example on loose snow also easily revving up drive wheels. Also for one stresses sporty-active efficient operation can DTC be used. It permits light slip at the drive wheels and makes so driving along curves possible in controlled drift. Beyond that the DSC can be also completely deactivated with the new BMW 3er Coupé.

Intelligent all wheel system xDrive for the Coupé.

For the first time Coupé the intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive stands to the selection for the BMW 3er. As alternative to the standard propulsion the all wheel system offers a traction and a driving stability improved again also on slippery or fastened underground. The electronically steered and variable distribution of the propulsion moment between front and rear axle does not only optimize the power transmission to roads with low friction value, but it pumps also the driving dynamics, because it works against the tendency to over or understeer.

The new BMW 3er Coupé is equipped serial with 17 tariff large light alloy wheels. On them tires of the size of 225/45R17 are mounted, which have emergency running properties. In addition a maturing breakdown announcement belongs to the equipment extent. This system supervised permanently the air pressure and warns the operator, as soon as the ideal value is fallen below around more than 30 per cent.

Most modern building of bodies: Fewer weights, more safety.

The intelligent combination of new and proven materials as well as a modern finishing technique help the new BMW 3er Coupé to a particularly light, at the same time however exemplary sturdy body. Their full load precipitates around approximately 10 kilograms lower than in the case of the sedan. A weight optimization within the range of the front car, most favorable for the driving dynamics, was obtained with the development of the new plastic side panel for the Coupé. It has a weight lower compared with conventional structural steel members around 50 per cent. Also additional expenditure in the manufacturing was reduced. Contrary to earlier plastic construction hurrying they do not have to be painted any longer separately and mounted afterwards completely. They can go through together with the total raw body the normal painting process. Due to their high thermostability as well as the optimized linear extension and moisture absorption the finished painted side panels have also optically the same characteristics as conventional structural steel members.

New production procedures are used also with the processing of steel. The B-columns Coupés by continuous so mentioned pipes from maximum firm steel, manufactured in the warm copying method, are strengthened for the first time. They provide in the group with the doors, the seat construction and the instrument holder between the A columns for maximum stability. In addition the forces taking effect with a side impact are derived over the understructure to the vehicle opposite side. The supporting holder of the front panel consists of a new and particularly firm multi-phase steel. Among other things the dynamic deformation zones in the front car ensure greatest possible passenger protection in the case of a frontal impact. Also along running holder profiles, reinforcement as well as with the solid version of baggage compartment floor, tail fairing and side panels are minimized the consequences of a back collision.

Comprehensive passenger protection.

The carefully conceived arrangement and dimensioning of holder structures, crash box and deformation zones contribute to keep impact energy away from the passenger space. In the interior provide and central steered support and catching systems coordinated one on the other for individual passenger protection. Front, basin thorax and curtain head airbags, belt tightener and belt force clippers are activated by sensor-steered safety electronics as a function of the kind and weight of the collision.

For safe driving with darkness the new BMW 3er Coupé is serial equipped with Bi-xenon-headlights. Optionally the effective sources of light can be extended by the functions adaptive curve light and bending light. With their salient optics of their light guidance staffs also the tail lamps ensure for safety with darkness. Beyond that the two-stage stop light of the danger of rear end collisions works against. In case of particularly strong braking the increased shining area animates following road users to retard their vehicle likewise as intensively as possible.

Four seats, much place: Interior.

With its engine performance and its dynamic qualities the new BMW 3er Coupé addresses above all the sporty-active operator. It does not however only enjoy the driving fun - up to three passengers know to it sharings. The new BMW 3er Coupé is conceived as four seaters. It offers ideal conditions for slackened travel at all places. Center console handing into the rear the rear seat divides into two independent seats. There the riding along enjoy generous head liberty due to their deep seating position. The entrance to the two seats in the rear is facilitated by the comfort entrance function of the front seats. The catch actual ergonomically perfectly - above appropriate at the exterior of the backrest.

With a volume of 440 liters (430 liters with the BMW 335i Coupé) the baggage compartment marks a further optimum in this segment. Also the hinged shelves in the door inside panelings offer a large capacity. This for the first time in the new BMW 3er Coupé carried out equipment detail makes possible it besides to extract the carried articles from the outside views.

Innovation for more comfort: The automatic belt hand-over.

Comfort on be enough-strains and the side stop for dynamic of intermediate spurt on curvy roads offers also the front seats in the BMW 3er Coupé to Excellencies. Buckling relieved in the new BMW 3er Coupé the again developed belt hand-overs. The belt, which is set at coupé--typically right at the back the lying B-column, is meadow-calibrated both the operator and the front seat passenger, as soon as the doors are closed and were pushed the beardless radio key into the mounting pit on the right beside the steering wheel. The function of the belt hand-over is coupled to the seat allocation recognition. Therefore always both belt hand-overs become active even if the front seat passenger place is occupied. Owing to the place saving accommodation of the brought in belt hand-overs in the cowls is not disturbed the harmonious overall view of the interior.

Door openers, handle borders, shift lever clip and ventilator grill controllers as well as the decoration clips in the serial leather sport steering wheel are with one exclusively for the new BMW 3er Coupé developed perlgrey color chrome surface supplied. That applies also to the screen of the starter button. Both with fuel he and with the Diesel variants a pressure is sufficient on this button, in order to activate the starting process. Also the organization of the cockpit stresses the sporty and operator-oriented character Coupés. The view of the operator falls on speed indicator and tachometers, which prove a tachometer limited of 280 km/h and/or a maximum allowed engine speed of 8,000 with the top model BMW 335i Coupé RPM (260 km/h and/or 7,500 RPM with the other versions).

Individual and exclusive equipment.

With its extensive safety and comfort equipment the BMW 3er Coupé makes each trip a benefit. Numerous possibilities for individualizing give beyond that the opportunity to the customer to be in a custom-made vehicle on the way. For the addition of the standard stand for the new BMW 3er Coupé for example in the ranges audio, navigation and telematics Hightech solutions for order, which were originally developed for the motor cars upper class and now also in this segment introduction to hold. Also this underlines the exclusive character Coupés.

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