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New BMW X3
Tuesday, 27 June 2006
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New BMW X3
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New edition of the successful premium SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) with modified exterior design symbolizes the increase in agility and dynamics with the new, still more efficient and at the same time more efficient propulsions; new headlight and tail lamp optics as well as large in car color painted bumper units underline the salient, dynamic appearance and the premium-character; high-quality ambience in the interior; extensive reorganization of instrument panel, steering wheel, center console, seats, door linings, filler panels and roof skies; various selection of colors, padding and decoration elements makes a high measurement possible of individualizing.

Special highlight: Intelligent permanent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive with variable and per-active moment distribution between front axle and rear axle, normally 40: 60 and for optimum driving stability, driving dynamics and traction variable between 50: 50 and 0: 100. In special situations can be led briefly even up to 100 per cent of the engine moment to the front axle. A transverse barrier function is realized with xDrive by selective brake interference at the wheel revving up in each case.

  • New six cylinder petrol engine generation with 160 and 200 KW.

  • Full aluminum six cylinder diesel engines with Piezo injectors.

  • Six cylinder Diesel with VTT and 210 KW/286 HP.

  • Six-gear automatic transmission with new switching dynamics.

  • Developed further: The integrated chassis management.

  • Driving dynamics regulation DSC with additional functions.

  • Exterior design expresses agility and quality.

  • Functionally and decay: High-quality ambience in the interior.


Completely equal whether highway, town traffic or crushed stone runway - the new BMW X3 drives everywhere to success. With strong new engines, a fresh Design and a high-quality interior design the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) of BMW, well-known for its particularly minted agility and driving dynamics, continues its successful courses. The new BMW X3 has all conditions, in order to dismount its reserve entry further as only premium-offer of the segment. Purposeful modifications in the front, tail and page range lend a more dynamic character to it, in the interior dominate particularly high-quality materials, flowing lines and styleful color balances. The Design of the new BMW X3 corresponds to increased potential of its drive units in ideal way with. As topmotorisation is available for the new BMW X3 the world-wide sportiest Diesels. The liter row six cylinder number of the BMW X3 3.0sd with variable twin turbo (VTT) technology 210 KW/achieve 286 HP mobilize again developed 3.0 and a maximum torque of 580 NM. Also the new generation of the row six cylinder petrol engines with 3,0 and 2,5 liters capacity is used in the new BMW X3. The drive units equipped with a magnesium aluminum group crank case, a VALVETRONIC and a Bi-VANOS carry 200 KW/272 HP and/or 160 KW/218 HP out. For still more effective and faster cooperating of the intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive with the driving dynamics regulation DSC (dynamic stability control) and the motor control the optimized computer structure of the integrated chassis management with all engine variants (ICM) provides.

The new BMW X3 is the consistent advancement vehicle of a concept, which provided on the international motor car markets for sensation. As particularly agile Sports Activity Vehicle it combines dynamic handling characteristics on the road with the traction advantages, which the intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive guarantees also with excursions on fastened terrain. Still the new BMW X3 the only premium-vehicle of its class is more than ever created - for active and fastidious drivers, who appreciate superior propulsion technology, versatility, driving dynamics and highest quality of workmanship. The new BMW X3 offers all possibilities, sporty energy to them, of expressing spontaneity ones and independence on highest level.

Character-strong Design stresses the dynamics.
Sensitively and nevertheless saliently the innovations at the front and back of the BMW X3. The bumpers units are both in front and in the back noticeably visibly in two levels divided and to the predominant part into car color painted. Also this stresses the high-quality and sporty-elegant appearance of the new BMW X3. Only the particularly exposed protection elements consist of durable black plastic.
A salient characteristic of all BMW X of models is the six-eye face in such a way specified. With the new BMW X3 it is coined/shaped double approximately by new headlights with sources of shining and reflectors behind clear glass. In addition come the fog headlights, which are on a line, which leads diagonally outward from the main headlight to the wheels.
This process supports the impression one strong on the road of crouching vehicle just like the painted front apron underneath the outer bumper. The BMW kidney steps out due to its grown size and the lattice struts dyed differently depending upon model variant optically particularly saliently. Kidney staffs in the color titanium brightly mark the BMW X3 3.0sd, with the further six cylinder variants carry them the color graphite metallic. The four-cylinder variants receive black kidney staffs. The optionally available headlamp wash/wipe system was integrated harmoniously into the front portion and drives when using out-new tail lamp units with clear cover deck glass light staffs horizontal over LED-fed to only provide for a concise night Design, serves the new BMW X3 however also by day as distinguishing feature. The dominance of horizontal lines, which continues from the rear flap to down to the bumper, is just as characteristic and which underlines strong appearance of the new BMW X3 from this point of view.

In the side view the December duck wedge form is supported by the lower character line. Their outline is taken up in the lower page range of the front and also the tail apron, which supports the impression of a dynamically stretched collateral line. High-quality materials and cultivated Design in the interior.
With a gentle organization of forms and transitions between the individual ranges of the interior the harmonious alignment is continued also in the passenger compartment of the new BMW X3. Solid functionality connects itself there with cultivated Design. In each detail the high claim of quality, which was put on with selection and processing of all materials, becomes both view and noticeable. The instrument panel is coined/shaped by a new decoration border, which in color and material agrees with the decoration areas of the center console.
Galvanized metals at the door handles and the control devices of the air conditionings enclosure, exclusive leather and material variants, a high-quality color and examination for the roof sky as well as plastic surfaces with noble graining reflect the character both of the durable and elegant interior particularly noticeably. Also the new three-spoke steering wheels and the generous, into the door linings integrated filler panels under support optically like the haptic high quality impression. This soundness on particularly high level corresponds to the style of a modern generation an ambience cultivated by drivers, who use their vehicle variously, to however always enjoy wants.
Four equipment variants, ten external colors, six equipment colors and five decoration surface variants open various possibilities for individualizing the new BMW X3. Alternatively to the basic equipment optionally also sport or comfort seats is available for the new BMW X3.

The material for the seat upholstery, selected with the equipment variant, is used also in the center console, the armrests and the door linings. With the equipment colors black, grey or sand-beige a rather calm atmosphere is produced, the tones terracotta, anthracite coal or tobacco wakes a more strongly accented basic tendency. Also with the choice of the decoration surfaces personal style can be expressed -
from an classical-elegant wood version up to stresses sporty note in the aluminum look.

For a particularly exclusive operator environment is particularly in the new BMW X3 3.0sd ensured. Foot pedals with high-grade steel applications belong with it to the series extent. The speed announcement reaches the Chrono scaling with all six cylinder variants up to the value of 260 km/h, in the cockpit of the BMW X3 3.0sd up to one around further 10 km/h higher mark one continues beyond that. Outwardly the BMW X3 3.0sd emphasizes itself stressed tail among other things with attractive 18 tariff wheels, sportily an apron and the more largely dimensioned muffler of its exhaust system.


Premiere: A Diesel as point motorizing.

Three petrol engines and three diesel sets stand for the new BMW X3 to the selection. More achievement, a higher torque, a reduced weight and an increased efficiency distinguish the new six cylinder components. Their rating contributes considerably to the agile driving impression of the SAV model. Particularly with the six cylinder engines the new BMW X3 in its segment settles the measuring pole for achievement development, efficiency and run culture again more highly. In addition it provides within the propulsion range for a genuine new fact.
For the first time model a diesel set at the point of an engine pallet arranged according to achievement stands with a BMW. Technology its premiere celebrates completely new 3.0 liter row six cylinder Diesels with variable twin turbo (VTT) in the BMW X3 3.0sd. High Tech of the finest one offers also the second six cylinder diesel engine in the BMW X3 3.0d. Beyond that now the new generation of the row six cylinder petrol engines with magnesium aluminum group crank case and VALVETRONIC introduction holds also in the BMW X3. As entrance variant both with fuel he and with the Diesel variants a four-cylinder engine serves in each case.
The new BMW X3 3.0sd is propelled by the sportiest six cylinder diesel engine, which was ever offered for a series vehicle.
New, 210 KW/286 HP strong components is equipped with the variable twin turbo (VTT) technology, which BMW as world-wide first a manufacturer introduced in the BMW 535d. With also technology the called stage loading first a small unfolds, additional with rising power demand then a larger loader its effect in the lower speed range. The achievement thrust begins therefore already scarcely above the idling speed. The maximum torque of 580 nm lies close 1750 and 2,250 RPM within the range between. The maximum output is reached at a number of revolutions unusually high for diesel engines by 4,400 RPM, the number of revolutions limit of the engine against it only with 5,070 RPM.
That competition less spreads usable speed range leads to one long continuously strong achievement development, which reflects itself also in the road performances of the new BMW X3 3.0sd. 6.6 seconds are sufficient for the acceleration of zero on 100 km/h, which are maximum speed only with 240 km/h reached. Nevertheless the impressive dynamics with maximum economy are combined. In the European Union test cycle the determined of average consumption amounts to 8.7 liters of Diesel per 100 of kilometers. For an effective emission control provides a particle filter of the newest generation, which engine near with the oxidation catalyst in a common case is integrated. The BMW X3 3.0sd fulfills the emission regulations of the EU-4 norms just like all further model variants.
The exemplary efficiency of the Top Diesel is among other things its around 25 kilograms reduced weight and the newest generation of the Common Rail direct injection with Piezo injectors to owe these two factors benefits also second 3.0 liter row six the cylinder Diesel in the engine offer for the new BMW X3.
The drive unit of the BMW X3 3.0d is likewise with a full aluminum crank case in place of the grey cast iron element usual in the competition as well as equipped with Piezo injectors in the injection system. The injection pressure a supply increased to 1600 bar causes particularly fast combustion chamber. The Piezo element of the injector reacts deceleration-free to the electrical impulse for the release. The opening degree of the nozzle needle is accurately steered and also the maximum volume is reached within shortest time. In the combination with a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG) so a maximum output is obtained by 160 KW/218 HP.
Sovereigns passage strength is thereby also the new BMW X3 3.0d finally already places certainly, its engine the maximum torque of 500 nm between 1750 and 2,750 RPM for the order. That keeps in track on speed 100 completes it within 7.4 seconds, its maximum speed lies with 210 km/h. With optionally ex factory the supply able tire of the class of data signaling rates V read yourself the maximum speed to 220 km/h increase. With an average consumption after European Union cycle of 7,9 liters Diesel per 100 of kilometers can have the new BMW X3 3.0d also in the area of the efficiency exemplary values. Beyond that also it is serial equipped with a particle filter arranged engine near.
Still more economically the new BMW X3 2.0d shows up. Its four-cylinder engine with Common Rail injection brings it on an output of 110 KW/150 HP and on a maximum torque of 330 nm, already lying close between 2,000 and 2 500min-1. Thus is one strong acceleration ensures, which keeps in track on 100 km/h leaves itself in 10.2 seconds to climb. The maximum speed of the BMW X3 2.0d amounts to 198 km/h, its average fuel consumption of only 7.2 liters per 100 of kilometers. A particle filter belongs also with the four-cylinder Diesel to the serial equipment extent.

Petrol engines: More achievement, less weight.
Directly in two capacity and performance levels the particularly light, row six cylinder engine with high engine speed and efficient in the new BMW X3 is offered. Acted in the new BMW X3 3.0si the so far highest performance version for special quiet running and turning joy admitted 3.0 of liter six-cylinder with now 200 KW/272 HP and a maximum torque of 315 nm. The 2.5 liters an output of 160 KW/218 HP and a maximum torque of 250 nm produces large six cylinder of the new BMW X3 2.5si. Both engines are equipped with a magnesium aluminum group crank case, the variable valve gear VALVETRONIC and meeting demand steered a coolant pump. With a weight of only 165 kilograms they contribute beyond that to the balanced axle load distribution and concomitantly to the outstanding agility and driving dynamics of the BMW X3.
As prime example for efficient dynamics on the sector of the fuel propulsions above all the 3.0 liter engine is considered. The BMW X3 3.0si accelerated in only 7.2 seconds of zero on 100 km/h and reaches one maximum speed of 210 km/h and/or 232 km/h with the tire of the class of data signaling rates V. with average a consumption in the European Union cycle of 10,1 liters per 100 of kilometers, optionally available starting from work, offers it an economy exemplary for this performance class.
Hardly less impressively the appropriate values for the new BMW X3 2.5si fail. It reaches the 100km/h in 8.5 seconds, its maximum speed amounts to 210 km/h. Also for the BMW X3 2.5si optionally tires of the class of data signaling rates V are available,
the one increase for the maximum speed on 221 km/h make possible. The average fuel consumption amounts after European Union cycle on 9,9 liters ever 100 of kilometers.
Also in the offer of the petrol engines available for the new BMW X3 a four-cylinder component serves as entrance variant. The 2.0 liter engine of the new BMW X3 2.0i is the only four-cylinder offered world-wide, over the variable valve gear the VALVETRONIC orders. In addition it is equipped with the variable camshaft control system Bi-VANOS and the adjustable suction system DISA. Regarding achievement development, quiet running and efficiency he moves thereby on a level unusually high for four-cylinder drives. Besides also the new BMW X3 2.0i convinces both with agility and with economy. It accelerates in 11.5 seconds on 100 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of 198 km/h. Its average consumption after European Union cycle is limited to 9,3 liters per 100 of kilometers.

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