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New BMW X3
Tuesday, 27 June 2006
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New BMW X3
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New automatic transmission offers dynamics, efficiency and comfort.
With exception of the BMW X3 3.0sd all variants of the new SAV model are equipped serial with a six-gear hand manual gearbox. The configuration of the gearbox gradation is narrowly coordinated with the rating of the respective engine. Also the optionally available automatic transmissions with Steptronic function offer six drive positions.
The mechanism is serial with the new Top model of the SAV series, the BMW X3 3.0sd. There an automatic transmission developed particularly for the combination with high performance power sources is responsible for the choice of the correct drive position. The new six-gear mechanism settles this task with incomparable speed, precision and efficiency.
It pumps therefore apart from the comfort above all also the driving dynamics of the BMW X3 3.0sd.
A new converter technology and a particularly efficient software make one possible opposite conventional automatic transmissions over up to 50 per cent reduced reaction and switching time. Owing to a direct goal gear identification also jumping over does not take up or several drive positions when shifting back additional time to one. With its unusual switching dynamics and the unusually direct engine binding the new six-gear automatic transmission supports sporty-active handling the new BMW X3 3.0sd in impressive way. Also it facilitates the comfortable, slackened and thereby at the same time also consumption-favorable cruising with low engine speeds.


Permanent all-wheel drive in intelligent kind: BMW xDrive.

Agile one and dynamically on the road, full-variable and passage-strongly on fastened terrain: The various possibilities of enjoying joy in driving constitute the special attraction of the new BMW X3.
Its high Allround potential it owes to the permanent intelligent all wheel system BMW xDrive, which with extraordinarily fast and precise reactions for a full-variable between front and rear axle provides. Over a transfer case with electronically steered multiple disk clutch it leads the driving power of the engine always there, where it can be used most effectively. This does not only lead to maximum traction on difficult underground, but pumps also driving dynamics, because it works against promptly each tendency to over or under steer in curves. The transverse barrier function is realized over the brake interference at the wheel revving up in each case. These abilities do not help only the SAV models, but all with xDrive equipped vehicles from BMW to superior handling characteristics. The high attractiveness of the system led to the fact that BMW is meanwhile the world-wide most successful offered of all wheeled vehicles in the premium segment.

Moment distribution of 40: 60 in normal driving conditions.
The permanent and steplessly variable drive on all four wheels takes place with the BMW xDrive by means of a rigid main shaft to the rear axle and a multiple disk clutch, which lead the torque over a countershaft to the front axle. In normal driving conditions the propulsion moment in the relationship of 40 becomes: 60 between the front and the rear wheels
distributed. On each change of the underground condition or drive dynamic situation reacts the xDrive within shortest time with an appropriate adjustment of the distribution relationship. So briefly the total propulsion moment can be almost transferred to an axle at extremely different friction values between front and rear wheels. Just as fast can be worked against for example also to an overriding tendency with brisk driving along curves. The multiple disk clutch is more strongly closed, in order to lead additional strength to the front wheels and optimize driving stability. So can be transferred with extremely overriding handling dynamically up to 75 per cent of the torque to the front axle. This over-closed condition stops itself alone due to the slip and thus grip conditions to the tire.

Developed further: The integrated chassis management.
In order to ensure these fast and precise reactions, are the all wheel system xDrive, which networks dynamic stability control (DSC) and the motor control over the integrated chassis management. The sensors of the chassis regulation supply also the controlling of the xDrive with the data necessary for the determination of the current driving conditions. In this way xDrive can provide to a certain extent per-actively for a stabilization of the driving condition. Slip is recognized and prevented, before the wheels concerned for the operator rev up noticeably or occurs a larger instability. Only if one of the xDrive caused change of the transmission is not sufficient any longer, in order to optimize driving stability, the DSC with wheel-individual brake interferences and an influence of the motor control intervenes.
For a still faster and more precise tuning between xDrive and DSC the new control device structure of the integrated chassis management provides. If engine and brake management affected the self-guidance behavior of the vehicle so far almost independently of the longitudinal moment management, then the three automatic control loops work now parallel. While the longitudinal moment management steers the distribution of the propulsion moment between front and rear axle, at the same time the brake management knows wheel-individual brake interferences in favor of of traction and driving dynamics make. The engine management can besides - if necessary - the propulsion moment reduce or increase. By accurate cross-linking with the DSC the all wheel system xDrive makes possible a fast and precise reaction to changed driving conditions and thus still for more driving dynamics.

Driving dynamics regulation DSC with additional functions.
In the new BMW X3 one acts around numerous auxiliary functions extended driving dynamics regulation. The new DSC provides not only for driving stability and traction, but optimized also the effect of the brake assembly.
It compensates any leaving the deceleration effect at extremely high brake temperatures with a purposeful brake pressure increase.
With the sitting of the linings the brake readiness is increased in situations, which suggest a spontaneous deceleration. Regular pumping dry optimizes the efficiency with wetness and the function dynamic one brakes control (DBC) maximized with special deceleration requires automatically the brake pressure. In addition a Hillhold function facilitates a starting at upward gradients. Further the driving dynamics regulation covers also the ABS brake control, the propulsion slip regulation ASC, trailer stabilization, mountain-drives off assistance HDC (Hill Descent Control) as well as the curve brake support CBC (Cornering Brake Control). It prevents the unwanted pivoting inclination of the vehicle when easy braking in curves.
DTC function for the first time also in a BMW X model. The high drivingdynamic character of the new BMW X3 is supported with the dynamic traction control (DTC), which is likewise a component of the new DSC. The mode DTC can be activated with the help of a button on the center console. It raises the response thresholds for the engine and brake interference, so that the BMW X3 can take up DTC an sporty-active efficient operation for example on loose snow also easily revving up drive wheels trip pumps beyond that, by permitting higher transverse acceleration up to light and controllable circling rift. With higher speed the interference regulation of the DTC approaches more strongly the basic mode of the DSC on, so that the stability-pumping effect of the driving dynamics regulation in critical situations remains. With a long continuing pressure on the DTC button can be deactivated DSC, as usually with BMW, if necessary completely. Received then only the transverse barrier function remains by a brake interference at the wheel revving up in each case.

Serial the new BMW X3 is equipped with 17 tariff light alloy wheels. The BMW X3 3.0sd has serial 18 tariff wheels. Optionally beyond that a multiplicity of further light alloy wheels is located in the formats 18 and 19 tariff to the selection. The likewise serial tires breakdowns announcement (RPA) refers promptly to a possible pressure loss. For this purpose on the basis wheel speed measurements permanently the tire pressure is controlled. In the case of a deviation from more than 30 per cent from the desired value a warning signal in the cockpit lights up. For the avoidance of rear end collisions also the new BMW X3 is equipped with a two-stage stop light. This system inserted for the first time by BMW in series vehicles contributes to increase the attention of following road users. With particularly strong decelerations and on activation of the ABS the shining area of the brake lights at the tail of the BMW X3 becomes larger. This signal animates the backer to retard its vehicle likewise as strongly as possible.

Generously and safe: The body of the new BMW X3.
A maximum of passive safety guarantees the new BMW X3 with its solid body structure and its complete equipment with catching and support systems, whose function is controlled by central control system electronics. High-strength along and crossbar as well as locked deformation elements make a purposeful diversion and absorbing possible of impact energy with a frontal collision. The consequences of a side impact are minimized among other things with diagonally running door reinforcement from high-strength steel sections, which connect themselves with a deformation by hooks with the side frame and provide in such a way for an additional derivative of the impact energy. Thus the passenger space remains also with heavy collisions to a large extent intact.
In the interior also lateral Curtain head bags belongs to the standard beside front and side-impact airbags. They unfold from the lining of the A columns and the roof sky and protect both the front and the rear passengers against injuries. The BMW X3 is equipped on all five seats with three-point inertia reel belts. The support systems have over belt force clippers, on the front places additionally also a belt tightener function.

The new BMW X3 is 4569 millimeters long, 1853 millimeters broad and 1674 millimeters high. With these values the body in various regard reaches ideal frame. As the more compact member of the SAV it inspires model family of BMW with highest agility and handiness, yet its generous and flexibly usable interior offers best conditions for various use possibilities. Below the baggage compartment cover a load volume of 480 liters is available. The large, far upward swinging rear flap and a low trunk facilitate also the accommodation of bulky cargoes. After turning the asymmetrically divided rear seat down the tail compartment has a maximum pilot volume of 1560 liters.

The equipment: From extensive to exclusive.
Premium quality marks the interior of the new BMW X3. Material seeming and processing quality become highest requirements fairly and also the extensive serial comfort equipment underline the levelful ambience. The large selection of equipment colors, padding and decoration surfaces does not beyond that only offer possibilities for individualizing. With high-quality navigation and audio systems the travel comfort in the new BMW X3 can be increased still further. In addition optionally also the telematics service BMW ASSist is available.
For optimal view during night trips provides the likewise optionally available Bi-xenon-light, whose headlight units are equipped with parking light rings beyond that. It can be combined with the adaptive curve light, with which the tilt able headlights anticipate the process of a curve and in such a way for an optimal illuminating of the roadway provide. Additionally the bending light in the darkness, realized with the help of the fog headlights, facilitates the direction change at low speeds as well as a maneuvering.
With the help of the park these tanks control (PDC) the distance of the vehicle is measured to an obstacle. With a parks can the operator an acoustic signal for orientation use, in order to measure the distance between its vehicle and the object. Also fresh air fans can increase their driving pleasure in the new BMW X3 in particularly attractive way. With a glass area of 0.65 meters the two-piece panorama roof offers to unusually generous view towards skies.
Boundless application type, sporty-dynamic handling characteristics, the styleful operational readiness level of its body Design and the high-quality quality of workmanship make the new BMW X3 an exception feature under the all-wheel-driven vehicles of its segment.
With the versatility of its interior and his handling characteristics he creates the basis for one of spontaneity one determined form of the mobility.
The new BMW X3 convinces in everyday life traffic with easy handiness and agile handling characteristics. Five generously measured seats and even a baggage compartment prepared for larger tasks of transportation underline its Allround characteristics. Also in the winter operation, off firm roads or as towing vehicle the BMW X3 profits from the area fitness of its body and his chassis as well as from the traction advantages of the all wheel system xDrive. As true summit striker the BMW X3 on the international motor car markets proved. In numerous countries it belongs in the meantime to the most popular all wheeled vehicles. Within two and a half years world-wide more than 260,000 units were sold. To Germany he transferred the top position with a market share of 11,4 per cent in the year 2005 in the segment of the jeeps. For the continuation of this success history the new BMW X3 offers optimal conditions. Its new engines make road performances possible, which exceed the measurement so far usual in its segment by far.
With this singular dynamics, its fresh Design and the fastidiously modified interior he addresses above all those drivers, who appreciate to look for the special driving experience in handling a durable, agile and extremely versatile vehicle also and beyond that the quality and radiant emittance of a premium-motor car. The new BMW X3 offers driving pleasures in various facets to them and on highest level.

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