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New BMW X5
Tuesday, 08 August 2006
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New BMW X5
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Intelligent lightweight construction: greater solidity improves comfort, handling and safety

BMW’s engineers and designers have succeeded in making the body of the new X5 even stiffer. To provide additional space and extra solidity without a significant increase in weight, the engineers have concentrated consistently on intelligent lightweight technology.
Both the choice of materials and the arrangement and geometry of the support bars, arms and reinforcement members are based on an overall concept designed for maximum safety in a crash combined with superior agility. Torsional stiffness versus the former model is up approximately 15 per cent from 23,500 to 27,000 Nm/degree.

The BMW X5 is a vehicle which, taking its body dimensions into account, offers the highest standard of solidity and agility currently possible.  Even the extra-large panoramic glass roof included in the Premium Package does not have any noticeable effects on the stiffness of the overall bodyshell.

Torsional stiffness and crash safety of the highest standard.

Stiffness at the front is optimized without an increase in weight by low-lying support arms around the wheel arches which curve in towards the middle of the vehicle and provide a firm connection to the engine supports. Around the C-pillars a fully-closed torsion ring also serves to enhance body stiffness.

Body stiffness is further increased by wedges on the rear lid at medium height on the two
D-pillars when closed. Contact between the wedge elements and the surrounds is ensured by way of the soft close function of the rear lid, and the improvement of stiffness at the rear is quite substantial. In fact, to achieve the same effect any other way, the engineers and body designers would have required additional metal sheet components weighing about 13 lbs.

High- and ultra-high-strength steel is used at the rear end of the new BMW X5 in order to achieve optimum stiffness and load resistance in a rear-end collision despite minimum use of material. At the front, in turn, use of a cast aluminum spring support serves to reduce weight while optimizing stiffness.

The front fenders and their modular supports are made of thermoplastic and the hood is made of aluminum.  This serves to achieve several development targets all in one. Apart from lower weight and greater freedom in design, one of these targets is also all-round protection for pedestrians.

The foundation for passive safety: the stable passenger cell.

To optimize passive safety to the highest standard, the design and construction engineers focused from the start in developing the body-in-white of the new BMW X5 on maximum stability of the passenger cell.  Forces acting on the vehicle in the event of an accident are passed on via the engine supports and chassis along various load paths, preventing extreme loads on any individual bearing structures.
Given its body structure and wide range of safety features, the new BMW X5 offers all the prerequisites for performing in all relevant crash tests with flying colors. In creating the overall concept of passive and active safety, the engineers have also carefully considered the latest results in BMW accident research, giving the new BMW X5 not only frontal and hip/thorax airbags, but also curtain Head Protection System as standard features.  These airbags inflate out of the A-pillar covers and roof lining to help protect the occupants in the first two rows.

The new BMW X5 is equipped with three-point inertia-reel belts on all seats. These restraints come with belt force limiters.  The front seats also have belt latch tensioners. And last but certainly not least, ISOFIX child seat fastenings are standard on the second row of seats.

In the event of an impending rollover, rollover sensors in the new BMW X5 are networked with DSC in order to activate the curtain airbags and belt latch tensioners when need. To help prevent collisions from the rear, the new BMW X5, like BMW’s other models, is equipped with two-stage adaptive brake lights.  Whenever the driver applies the brakes particularly hard, this enlarges the size of the lighted area, creating a clear signal for motorists following from behind to brake hard as well.

The interior: functional, elegant and refined.

The higher, command seating position and the arrangement of the driver-oriented instrument panel convey the impression of uninhibited control. All functions and displays in the comfort zone in the middle of the dashboard are clear and easy-to-read even by the front passenger.  The Control Display for the BMW iDrive operating system is housed on the instrument panel at the same level as the circular instruments putting it directly in the line of vision of both the driver and front passenger.

Slender design and the harmonious transitions extending into the door linings give the instrument panel powerful and elegant flair all in one. Interacting with the load-bearing element of the center console and extending down to the bottom, the instrument panel appears to be hovering freely in space.

Apart from its sophisticated design, high-quality materials, tasteful color combinations, comfortable seats and padded armrests ensure a truly stylish ambience. The generous space available, a wide range of storage boxes and compartments, and premium finish all reflect the typical character of an outstanding and versatile Sports Activity Vehicle.

The interior of the new BMW X5 combines the exclusive style of a luxury performance sedan with the flexibility and function of a modern SAV.

There are two leatherette upholsteries available for the X5 3.0si.  The leather alternatives include four Nevada leathers, with two Nevada leathers available with perforated leather for the available ventilated seat package.  There are also three Napa leather options available for both models.  In all there are four trims offered for the X5 3.0si and three for the X5 4.8i.  These interior choices are offered in combination with nine exterior paintwork colors, offering a wide range of flexibility to personalize your new BMW X5. Galvanized trim strips in Pearl Gloss chrome highlight the elegance of the new X5 in combination with the trim panels.

BMW iDrive with six programmable memory keys.

To properly control and mastermind the navigation, entertainment and communication functions, the new BMW X5 features BMW’s trendsetting iDrive control and operation concept. Comfort and communication settings are adjusted by turning, pushing and pressing the iDrive Control on the center console.  Functions selected and adjustment options are presented on the Control Display.

The new auto-dimming monitor, which automatically adjusts in brightness to ambient light conditions, is positioned in perfect ergonomic arrangement in the instrument panel, enabling the driver to read the information displayed at any time without turning his or her head while keeping eyes squarely on the road.

Last but not least, the driver has six freely programmable memory keys for choosing favorite functions further facilitating control operations. Pressing one of the programmable buttons only once, for example, the driver is able to retrieve telephone numbers, activate a frequent destination, or tune into a favorite radio station.

As an option, information which is highly relevant to the driver may also be presented on the available Head-Up Display.  Data is projected at a very convenient ergonomic position on the windshield. The driver has road speed, navigation instructions, speed control data and warnings provided by BMW Check/Control in clear view at all times.

Optimum visibility: xenon headlights, curve and bending lights.

In conjunction with xenon adaptive headlights, which are standard in the U.S., the new BMW X5 offers an attractive and highly practical daytime running light function by means of the light rings in the four round headlights.  The rings on the two inner headlights emit particularly intense and bright light, approximately 100 times brighter than regular parking lights which improves the visibility of the vehicle even at a distance.

This also makes the car clearly recognizable at first sight as a BMW, due to the typical corona light effect. And compared with standard low-beam headlights, energy consumption of these daytime running lights is reduced by more than 50 per cent.

In addition to the xenon adaptive headlights, the foglights in the new X5 also turn.  Each time the driver turns, the light beam for the foglights is guided to the side by a reflector, clearly illuminating the road ahead in the new direction.

Another feature on the new BMW X5 is Dynamic Cruise Control with brake function.  It acts on the engine management, the gear selected, and the brakes in order to precisely keep the speed set by the driver. Constantly registering the car’s lateral acceleration, Dynamic Cruise Control also recognizes when the X5 is in a bend and reduces the speed of the car accordingly.  To keep the vehicle at the right speed when driving downhill, and also when towing a trailer, the system will intervene with the brakes if required.

Innovative options.

Sophisticated navigation and audio systems further enhance the driver’s and passengers’ traveling comfort in the new BMW X5. DVD video systems for the second row of seats, a CD-changer housed in the glove compartment as well as an innovative multi-channel audio system are among the highlights offered in terms of mobile entertainment.  Both the in-dash CD-player as well as the available CD-changer can play MP-3 encoded CDs.  Even the standard audio system offers 205-watts with 12 speakers, including two sub-woofers mounted under the front seats.  The optional premium sound system features 600 watts of power, Dolby 5.1 surround sound and 16 speakers.  Thanks to the AUX-IN socket featured as standard, music from external audio sources such as an MP3 player or iPod may also be played through the audio system.

One’s listening options may be further enhanced with available Sirius Satellite Radio or the accessory BMW Interface for iPod which allows full control of the iPod through the audio system.

Rearview camera makes backing-up safer and easier.

Supplementing the optional Park Distance Control, the new BMW X5 is available with a backup camera – a video system which facilitates parking maneuvers especially in confined areas or places with poor visibility.

To activate the backup camera, all the driver has to do is press a button or shift into reverse (in which case the system is activated automatically together with PDC).
In addition to presenting a wide-angle color video image on the central Control Display in an optimized perspective, the backup camera offers a number of other functions. These include interactive track lines on the screen helping the user find the ideal approach when maneuvering or parking. Another new function is the marking in color of obstacles detected by PDC in the true-to-life camera image in the form of a graph with a three-dimensional effect made possible through the use of ultrasound sensors.

The camera image may be enlarged to cover the full surface of the screen, being automatically panned as a function of speed.  And last but not least, the camera lens is automatically heated in cold temperatures to keep it free of snow and ice.
BMW Ultimate ServiceTM: providing owners with great value and peace of mind.

The new BMW X5 will be offered with BMW Ultimate ServiceTM, a suite of services that includes the BMW Maintenance Program (formerly called Full Maintenance), Roadside Assistance, the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and BMW AssistTM with Teleservice.  

BMW Ultimate ServiceTM  includes:
The BMW Maintenance Program is the only no-cost maintenance program in the industry that covers wear and tear items like brake pads and rotors for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.  BMW owners pay nothing for all scheduled inspections, oil changes, brake pads, wiper blade inserts and other wear-and-tear items.
BMW Roadside Assistance is one of the industry’s most comprehensive plans available.  Not only is it no-charge for the first 4 years, but there is no mileage limit.  BMW drivers enjoy the assurance of on-the-road help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  This includes everything from flat tire changes, emergency gasoline and lock-out assistance, to towing, alternative transportation and even trip-interruption benefits.  This service also includes valuable trip routing advice.

BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty: Like all current models, the new BMW X5 will be covered by BMW’s excellent Limited Warranty, which includes:

  • New-vehicle warranty – 4-year/50,000-mile coverage of the vehicle.  
  • Rust-perforation warranty – 12-year/unlimited-mileage coverage.

BMW AssistTM provides the driver with services that enhance on-the-road security and convenience, for added peace of mind.  BMW AssistTM is available as a stand-alone option and is included in the Premium Package.  Starting with MY 2007 vehicles, BMW is the only manufacturer that will offer this service for 4 years.  Most other services only cover 1 year of service.

As before, included with BMW AssistTM is Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity which includes hands-free access to your phonebook.  

TeleService automatically notifies the BMW center when a vehicle needs service.  This feature allows the Service Advisor to proactively set up a customer appointment and have the needed parts ready.  TeleService is Included with the BMW Assist Safety Plan.

The new BMW X5:  Groundbreaking concept is again the new benchmark.

Innovative technology, a premium and luxurious ambience, powerful elegance in body design and superb driving dynamics make the new BMW X5 a genuine exception in its segment. The new model continues the tradition of its predecessor, the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle, which set the foundation for a brand-new class of vehicles.

The engineers and development specialists creating the new BMW X5 have succeeded once again in crafting a truly unique vehicle for the market. In a segment now subject to fierce competition, the new BMW X5 sets the standard yet again in driving dynamics and agility.  No other vehicle combines the qualities so typical of a BMW with the features of a truly versatile SAV full of style and presence.

Given all these qualities, the new BMW X5 meets all the demands and requirements of the discerning motorist who, through the choice of his or her vehicle, wishes to express his personal and independent lifestyle and at the same time enjoy a new driving experience in a new dimension. 

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